There’s a lot of talk from the big city. But what about the rest of us?


In partnership with Another American Life and Politics, Etc., The Listening Tour is travelling coast to coast to see what people outside big city America are really thinking and feeling — and why.

No censors. No editors. No agenda. Straight talk about difficult topics. Using common sense to find common ground.


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We got involved with the Another American Life community on Facebook in 2018, and the more we engaged with that them, the clearer it became to us that there was a way for people with different views to talk to each other that wasn’t about shouting — that the real American political scene isn’t all about the extremes. It’s about people living their lives and making sense of what they see as best they can.

If our views look different, it’s probably because our lives are different. And learning about each other is the best way to regain a sense of common purpose and common identity.

There are a lot more people in the middle than there are at the extremes, but you’d never know it from what the mainstream media serves up. We’re working to change that.